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Between competition from new players like Airbnb, new economic models imposed by the OTAs and traveller behaviour changes, the hotelier needs to rethink its exposure and its online distribution.

The FASTBOOKING Digital Lab is a conference dedicated to independent hotels who want to regain power over their distribution.

Led by industry leaders, the FASTBOOKING Digital Lab aims at presenting the latest innovations in our hotel distribution and share best practices in digital strategy.

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How Has Bali Performed?

How can we apply Benchmarking to Revenue Management to improve hotel performance? What are the recent trends in the Bali hotel industry?


Tips To Drive More Qualified Traffic To Your Hotel Website

In today’s frenetic-paced environment, the cyber world morphs continuously. Pick up some best practices on how to drive qualified prospect to your hotel’s website that would lead to a noticeable revenue spike.


Driving More Direct Demand

Understanding the customer acquisition funnel and how programmatic digital advertising can help you reach your target customers.


Know Your Customer's Needs

Trust and Marketing: Trust is critical in developing relationships with consumers. Truthful content that meets your customer’s needs is the key. Brice will explain the importance of understanding your audience and crafting content that values their time and attention, which can create lasting relationships, build trust and help you forge ahead into a future with tighter, unbreakable bonds between your brand and its consumers.


Networking Tea Break


Best Practices For Hotel Websites

It is recommended for the website architecture to deliver enhanced customer experience with user-friendly features that allow easy navigation and ease of booking. Pick up how three components of a website will direct users to the booking engine so as to maximise click-through rate (CTR).


Insights And Data Mining To Grow ADR and RevPar

Actionable insights on market demand, rates, parity and ranking in the rapidly changing online distribution channel. How technology and data mining can provide intuitive business intelligence that helps hoteliers to grow ADR and RevPAR.


Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rate

We all know how important it is to boost hotel direct bookings. Receive tips to convert Lookers into Bookers.


Cloud Technology Is Reshaping The Future Of The Hospitality Industry

How cloud technology brings operational advantages, adapts new technologies and is accessible to integrate with other systems to build a hospitality technology ecosystem. Receive updates on the latest trends.



Cocktail & Networking session.

7:00pm - Event ends


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