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Optimise your Hotel Digital Distribution in 2017

Distribution is crucial to the success of any hotel, and digital marketing for hotels is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

FASTBOOKING, in partnership with major Hospitality Industry specialists, shared a different path for hoteliers to optimise their digital distribution to gain a healthy balance among the various digital channels.

Together, they revealed practical and actionable techniques on how hoteliers can optimise their digital distribution and maximise their profitability during its Digital Lab.

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Jakarta Hotel Performance Outlook - are we on the right track?

Recent trends in the Jakarta hotel industry and insights through the data to enhance your strategic decisions.


The Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Benefit from the comprehensive scope of digital marketing performance. Learn how hoteliers can anticipate the impact of Digital Marketing such as Metasearch and Display Ads. Capture the latest megatrends that matter to you!


Travel Trends & How to Drive Direct Booking through Google Hotel Ads

The latest trends in the travel customers’ journey through the web and how hoteliers can take advantage of this by driving direct bookings.


Aligning Revenue, Marketing and Demand Data:
the holy trinity of hotel success

Marketing and revenue each hold key pieces of information about the demand that when integrated, give critical insight about demand patterns, guests, product preferences and purchase behaviours. By working together better, both departments can more efficiently and effectively target the right guest at the right time thus maximising the hotel’s revenue and profit. In this presentation, we will discuss what data and analytical results should be shared across departments; how to align revenue, marketing and demand from both technological, tactical and organisational perspectives.


Price tactics to obtain the best price on brand website

Price is the most important decision criteria when making a room reservation.
How to ensure travellers get the best price on your website? What are the marketing techniques you can easily use to increase the visibility of your offers?


Smart Tricks to increase direct booking

Most guests visit your website. However, far too many leave and book via an OTA. Learn how data can be used to optimise conversion on your website and understand the perils of limited data sets. Walk away with three immediate actions to increase your direct bookings.


Web trends to optimise your website

Stay ahead of the curve! We make it simple to aid you to increase your visibility. Discover how social media, algorithm and other webs trends will shape the hospitality industry as technology gets more complicated.


How to leverage your guest feedback to optimise your digital distribution channels

Find out how to leverage your guest feedback to enhance your hotel content seen by millions of travellers globally.



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