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Distribution is crucial to the success of any hotel, and digital marketing for hotels is becoming increasingly sophisticated. FASTBOOKING, in partnership with major Hospitality Industry specialists, will share a different path for hoteliers to optimise their digital distribution to gain a healthy balance among the various digital channels. Together, they will reveal techniques on how hoteliers can optimise their digital distribution and maximise their profitability during its Digital Lab around Asia.

Learn the key fundamentals to compete within the digital community space and to boost your direct booking.

How to measure the satisfaction data to improve the customer journey.

Ways to optimise your digital distribution and raise your conversion through price management.

Market insights and data analysis. Understand your market trends and competitors.

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The Hotel Performance in Malaysia in 2016 against Southeast Asia

What are the recent trends in the Malaysia hotel Industry? A performance outlook for Malaysia, looking beyond RevPAR.


The Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Benefit from the comprehensive scope of digital marketing performance. Learn how hoteliers can anticipate the impact of Digital Marketing such as Metasearch and Display Ads. Capture the latest megatrends that matter to you!


Using the power of "big data" to increase direct demand and bookings

In the world of big data, travel data is not only big but uniquely complex. Data points like origination and destination, dates of travel, and size of party layered on top off mode of transportation and lodging preferences give each trip its unique make-up. Capturing and making sense of billions of trips is no small task. It takes travel expertise, scale, and specialisation to find the right data that will perform for customers worldwide. Sojern will show you how to harness the power of "big data" to increase direct demand and bookings.


Price tactics to obtain the best price on brand website

Price is the most important decision criteria when making a room reservation. How to ensure travellers get the best price on your website? What are the marketing techniques you can easily use to increase the visibility of your offers?


Insights and Data Mining to grow ADR and RevPar

Actionable insights on market demand, rates, parity and ranking in the rapidly changing online distribution channel. How technology and data mining can provide intuitive business intelligence that helps hoteliers to grow ADR and RevPAR.


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Web trends to optimise your website

Stay ahead of the curve! We make it simple to aid you to increase your visibility. Discover how social media, algorithm and other webs trends will shape the hospitality industry as technology gets more complicated.


How to leverage your guest feedback to optimise your digital distribution channels

Find out how to leverage your guest feedback to enhance your hotel content seen by millions of travellers globally.


Improve your Revenue and Win Customer Loyalty by Driving More Direct Bookings

Our latest research across 300 million rooms and rates on the hotel websites shows that when you are being undercut your conversion rates go down by 30%. How does this make you feel? Don’t you agree now is the perfect time to fight for your right to parity? Join us for a strategic discussion on how to shift OTA commissions back to your bottom line and ways to educate you customer about the great benefits of booking direct.



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FASTBOOKING Digital Lab Kuala Lumpur
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